complementary colours

If you've been on my Pinterest lately you might have noticed it's a lot more colourful than usual. There's just something about summer that's been making me love vibrant, saturated hues so I'd thought I'd try and incorporate that into this post! 

Xx Taylor


I thought I'd share a selection of photos I've taken recently but they don't necessarily relate to each other.

may favourites

I know it's a little early for a May favourites but since I didn't do one for April I thought I would just combine the two. Hope you enjoy! 

I've talked about this before but Rosehip oil has been such a staple in my skincare routine these past two months. It's super moisturizing and helps fade older acne scars. I have been using the Touché Éclat concealer from YSL everyday and I really like it cause it's super brightening. Also, I have really liked the Pistachio Brûlée hand cream from Urban Outfitters cause it smells soo good!


Shoes have kind of been my clothing obsession this month and in particular heels and pool slides. I got the metallic pair for my prom from H&M but I'm excited to wear them dressed down with culottes. I also got a pair of fuzzy pink pool slides (not pictured) from Forever 21 which kind of look like the Rihanna Fenty ones, just more budget friendly!

Books: Note to Self-Connor Franta To All the Boys I'v…

may playlist

caramel-terror jr
coachella-woodstock in my mind-lana del rey
heartbreaks-terror jr
the breakup-lany
the woods-olivver the kid
space song-beach house
bellyache (marian hill remix)-billie eilish
bout you-vérité
idle town-conan gray

6 Step Skin Care Routine

Recently I have been having the best skin of my life because I think I've finally figured out which products work best for me. For the longest time I thought I had combination skin but I went to a skincare consultation at Kiehl's I found out it's actually oily so I changed some things up. This is my 6 step skincare routine!
1. Cleanser

In the morning I use Lush's Angels On Bare Skin cleanser and at night I usually use Kiehl's Rare Earth cleanser but sometimes I use the Fresh Soy cleanser if I feel like double cleansing or if I need a break from exfoliating.
2. Mask

I don't always use face masks but I try to once or twice a week. I really like Kiehl's Rare Earth face mask because it's detoxifying and when I want to moisturize I use either Fresh's Rose face mask or Ren's Glycol Lactic face mask.
3. Toner

Toner is another step I don't always do but I try to as much as possible. I've been using Kiehl's Calendula toner because it's super ge…

finding inspiration

Just a few of the books/magazines I've been using as inspiration lately! Xx Taylor

april movie recommendations

Movies are one of my favourite things so I am constantly searching for new and interesting things to watch. I thought I'd share some of my favourites from recently! 
1. J'ai Tué Ma Mère

A French Canadian film about the strained relationship between a boy and his mother. If you haven't seen any of Xavier Dolan's films this is a good one to start with!
2. And While We Were Here

A couple struggling with their relationship go on vacation to Italy and what happens someone new comes into the picture. Every scene in this movie is absolutely gorgeous and I love everything about it.
3. Tanner Hall

A group of girls attending a private school and what kind of trouble they manage to get up to. If you like this movie you might also like  Private School which is an iconic 80's movie.
4. The Dreamers

Quite possibly the coolest french film ever even though most of it is in english. If you like independent films you'll love this one. 
5. Beira Mar (Seashore)

I love this movie so much eve…